Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Items at My Shop

Hey guys,

I just posted some new items at my shop at The items in my shop are inspired by the colors of the fall fashion season - purples, red, green, black and white.

Are you noticing that pearls are making a comeback? I see them in a lot of high end and couture fashion magazines today. Would you wear pearls for the fall? Your thoughts.

Do you have any inspiration board? Here's mine. The pictures are of women who are past and present fashion icons or those who just made so much difference to pop culture. Show me yours. What/who inspirations you?


  1. I usually dont care for pearls... but I am seeing more and more that I like. I really like pearls that are not white the best, like the black(grey) pearls. Am I a fashion victim? maybe :)

  2. I had picked up a string of pearls today but put them back today because I thought I was being old fashioned...ah just like me to not trendy.

    Good idea to post your new blog on the Etsy forums. I just starting blogging last week. I'm trying to post something everyday.

    I don't have an inspiration board but I would like to start one.

  3. I love love love pearls! They are so simple and pretty! You have a nice blog....however black backgrounds are so hard to read. I would suggest a different background. Have fun!

  4. To Erica - you're not a fashion victim as far as I'm concerned. I would call you a fashion and pop culture observer and there is nothing wrong with that.

    To Karen - Sorry about the black background. I'll try to play with different set ups in the future.

    Great to hear from you all.

    To me I would wear pearls but incorporating them with something modern or trendy. When you do this, you don't look old-fashioned but more fashionable in a Chanel, French sort of way. Do you agree?