Saturday, October 10, 2009

Are you mad for Mad Men?

I was watching my favorite TV show Mad Men from on Demand the other day and it dawned on me. Women looked amazingly good during the early sixties. It's not just the clothes but the overall look all together. It may look so high maintenance in today's standard but if you really think about it, women took care of themselves back then - their hair perfectly coiffed, their nails perfectly done, they're all dolled up with make up, they are appropriately accessorized complete with gloves, scarves even hats. And the best accessories of the era - cigarettes and cocktails.

If you look at the latest fashions in stores today, a lot of them are inspired by this era. Sheath dresses are popping up again. Pointy-toe pumps and tailored winter coats are back. Even structured bags and purses are in again. Are these fashion designers watching this show religiously? Good for them.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and saw a women with a small infant wearing pajamas and an oversized T-shirt looking like she just rolled out of bed. I'm not even sure if she put a combed through her hair before leaving the house. I thought to myself, if she would put a little time and effort to herself, she can potentially look like Betty Draper or even better Joan Halloway with curves galore like nobody's business.

Who would you rather dress like: Betty Draper or Joan Halloway? Why?

I realized that women of our generation are partly working moms with soccer practice and school plays added to their agenda. But looking back it just makes you wonder what if....

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  1. I'd be Betty, prim and proper. Even though I do adore Joan, I couldn't pull it off. I don't have the confidence that character has.