Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Service for One's Country

Yesterday, my younger brother left for his first tour of duty to Afghanistan. The night before, our family invited relatives and friends to our house for a small going away party for him. Before he left yesterday, he was home with us for two weeks awaiting his deployment instructions. We were calm then, but now that he is gone, our thoughts and feelings shifted to that of certain.

I admire those people who serve one's country with pride and honor. They are after all doing a great service. But now that he is deployed, my family and I have nothing but worry for him. This tour of duty is 400 days long and it is his first since returning from bootcamp.

Tell me, am I being such a worry-wart for my brother? I am his big sister after all and I have a natural tendency to look after my younger brothers.

For those of you, who have family in the service, how do you stay optimistic for your love ones safety? I would love to hear from tips if you have any.