Friday, October 23, 2009

Man Shops World - The Show

I realized it has been a while since I made an entry at my blog.

This boring Friday morning led me go through the On Demand selection on cable and I remembered seeing this show from a couple of weeks ago called "Man Shops Globe". This man - Keith Johnson is the Buyer at Large for the clothing and homegoods store called Anthropologie. He goes around the world shopping for home goods and furniture for all the Anthropologie stores around the country and Europe spending 2 days at each location. This show airs at the Sundance Channel.

I envy this man. He has the greatest job in the world. A shopoholic getting paid to travel and shop. This is his version of a business trip. I have been in business trips before. It is a trip where you don't want to waste time and be productive as much as you can. And he does it very well.

Do you want do this job? Talk to me.

He mentions on the first episode that everything you'll see in Anthropologie stores are for sale, even the furniture that they display their wares with. So the next time you go to an Anthropologie store, look at the items with a different eye. Look at EVERYTHING.

Have a great weekend. LOL

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