Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life without a computer

This weekend I am faced with a challenge. My handy dandy laptop have been giving me some problems for the last few days and now it has given up on me. Fortunately my brother, Roger was kind enough to lend me his computer for a few minutes to log in and check emails, my etsy shop, accounts, etc (thanks, bro!)

As I am faced with this dilemna, I began to wonder. We now live in an age where everything is virtual, automated, portable and easily accessible. If our most dependable gadget, in my case my laptop, decided not to work, all of a sudden we feel disabled. I had come into the habit of checking my emails, etsy shopkeeping, do job searches, research, check accounts on a daily basis using my laptop and I have kept it to a once-a-day limit. And now that she is out of commission, I feel unabled and uninformed.

Why is it that we have become dependent on our computers? Do you feel this way? What would you so without your computer?

Give me your thoughts....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Do You Collect?

Having been making fashion jewelry all this time, one day I found myself with a more than an ample amount of beads and findings to make jewelry. Then, when I was re-organizing my workspace, I found more beads and more findings - those that was shoved at the back of the drawers.

Then it dawned on me that I now have a collection of materials, from leftovers from previous projects to newly acquired items - more than what I would normally need. And now that I am learning to sew, I found myself collecting small amounts of fabrics, threads and notions.

As avid craftsmen/craftswomen, do you find yourself with a small collection of materials that only needs a couple of plastic bins hidden under your bed or a vast number of it that it now required its own room in the house?

Tell me what's growing in your collection and why can't we stop?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebrity Products - Would you buy it?

Hi everyone! A funny thing hit me today. It all started when my daily mail delivery arrived this afternoon. As I was flipping through the usual junk mail and utility bills, a small flyer fell from the pile to the floor. I picked it up and it was an ad for the latest celebrity fragrance. This time is was Demi Moore's "All you ever Wanted" perfume.

Why are so many of these celebrities creating all kind of products from fragrances to fashion instead of focusing on their talents and producing noteworthy projects like films and music. Haven't we have enough perfumes, shoes and clothes in the market? Why can't we just leave that to the fashion designers who are doing it so well to begin with?

Would you buy their products?

P.S. It's my favorite TV chef Curtis Stone's birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Curtis!