Monday, February 22, 2010

My Dream Art Studio

It has been a while since I've entered a blog. I have been busy learning and perfecting new techniques, looking for new inspiration and ideas for materials, then I go home to my work area and find myself bummed seeing how small and limited my work area is.

At the moment my work area is part of a bedroom with limited storage space and is it about 4 feet by 8 feet in size. I don't have my own house yet but when I do, I always dreamed of having a two-bedroom house allotting one of the bedroom to an art studio. I want it to have a ton of storage for my tools, supplies and my collection of beads and fabrics, a place for my inspiration board, sewing machine and work table for making jewelry, a place with lots of light to do the photography of my products for web posting and an area for my computer. An 12 foot by 15-20 foot room should do the trick.

If you still haven't got a studio of your own, how would you plan it, build it and like it? Join me in daydreaming for the perfect studio.

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