Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have a Happy Jolly Christmas

Finally! After all the weeks of technical difficulties, I finally got my laptop working for me. It still needs to do some more fixing up but at least I am able to use it for the my basics online neccessities.

Now that it is the holidays, 'till the season of great food, gift giving, meeting seeing family and friends and having a fabulous time. I have great memories of past holiday celebrations mainly because of the feasting we do in our family. So my great holiday memories revolve around food. Not bad for holiday memories, eh.

I am a big fan of desserts, and if I were to become a chef I would definitely be a pastry chef more than anything. I find baking and making desserts a lot less stressful. When I moved here in the US many years ago, I was introduced to pumpkin pie as a popular holiday dessert. We did not have pumpkin pie where I came from so I found it quite curious. It was love at first bite and I never looked back. From that day on, I could not have a Thanksgiving and even Christmas without pumpkin pie.

Since we are in the subject of food, tell me what you're favorite holiday food is. It is something fabulous that your mother made or some event that revolves around food. Recipes are welcome if you feel so inclined.

Have a great holiday. Let's eat and be merry.


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